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Paraxanthine is

It is the most experiential, least toxic metabolite and the safest methylxanthine (i.e. caffeine and it’s metabolites) for most of the population.

How to pronounce – paraxanthine / para, zan, theen

The Power of

Clean Energy

Consistent energy without the dreaded crash. It means more eureka moments, for longer, more brilliance and no burnout.

Consistent Effects

The majority of caffeine users don’t metabolize caffeine well. enfinity® means consistent energy and flow for all.

Cognition & Productivity

Great ideas aren’t just nice to have for those who create – they’re a lifeline, a livelihood and a reason for living. enfinity® opens the door to that state of flow – on demand.

Elevated Mood

Users report a feeling of euphoria, joy, and swagger, which is supported by a documented increase in dopamine.

“So the energy that caffeine gives us is borrowed, in effect, and eventually the debt must be paid back.”

-Michael Pollan

Caffeine vs.nfinity





Emotional Rollercoaster
Impacted Sleep Quality and Quantity
Crash (Sleep Pressure)
Physiological Dependence
Tolerance (increased dose for efficacy)


enfinity® (paraxanthine)

Works for nearly everyone
Consistent response at consistent dose
Less toxic/cleaner/safer
No adaptation (desensitization with continued use)
No habituation (physiological dependence)
Dopaminergic (enhanced mood and confidence)
Lifts your mood and your energy levels
Clean confident experience
Improved focus and concentration
Enhanced Blood Flow (nitric oxide)
Enhanced Cellular Antioxidant Protection
(Glutathione and Catalase)

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TSI Group is the exclusive global distributor of enfinity® (paraxanthine)