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enfinity® is the branded ingredient known scientifically as paraxanthine. Paraxanthine is a downstream metabolite of caffeine.

When caffeine is ingested, it’s converted into three metabolites: theophylline, theobromine, and paraxanthine. Of these three metabolites, approximately 80% is converted into paraxanthine.

enfinity® (paraxanthine) is unique because iIt is the most experiential, least toxic metabolite and the safest for most of the population.

The Power of

Clean Energy

Consistent energy without the dreaded crash.

Consistent Effects

The majority of caffeine users don’t metabolize caffeine well. enfinity® means consistent energy and flow for all.

Cognition & Productivity

enfinity® has been shown to mitigate cognitive fatigue and improve short-term memory, reasoning, and response time in multiple studies.

Elevated Mood

Research has shown that those supplementing with paraxanthine reported a better mood, which is supported by a documented increase in dopamine.

“So the energy that caffeine gives us is borrowed, in effect, and eventually the debt must be paid back.”

-Michael Pollan

Caffeine vs.nfinity


Doesn’t work well for most

Build a tolerance, have to increase dosing

Can leave you agitated and anxious

Can be overstimulating or “jittery”

Increases feeling of hunger

Can become dependent on it (habituation)

Impacts sleep quality and quantity

Desensitization with continued use

More toxic, less “clean”, more side effects

enfinity® (paraxanthine)

Works for nearly everyone

Consistent response with a consistent dose

Enhances mood and confidence

Improves focus and concentration

Reduces feeling of hunger

No habituation or dependence

Lifts mood/energy without impacting sleep

Works consistently

Less toxic, cleaner, safer

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