About Us

With enfinity®, our purpose is simple – we set out to create a catalyst for creation – helping more people do more by balancing their energy, improving focus, and enhancing mood. We believe great things can happen when you reach that perfect level of calm and focus – the state of flow, creativity reigns freely

Team nfinity

Shawn Wells
Master Formulator

Considered the world’s greatest formulator by industry experts, Shawn has been working in the supplement and ingredient space for over 20 years. He has formulated over 500 products and has been involved in the invention patents behind Dynamine and Teacrine, two of the energy markets most used ingredients.
Dr Ralf Jäger
Scientific Research Leader
Dr Ralf Jäger is an inventor of functional foods and dietary supplements. He designs and conducts clinical studies on emerging and leading ingredients and supplements in the market. He holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, an MBA and is a certified sports nutritionist. He currently runs Increnovo, a scientific R&D consulting firm.

Dr Martin Purpura
Clinical Research Leader

Dr Purpura is a managing partner at Increnovo, a scientific R&D consulting firm. He holds a Ph. D. in organic chemistry and has spent his career examining the intersection between supplements, ingredients and technology.

Kylin Liao
Ingredient Inventor

Kylin is the founder and CEO of NNB Nutrition, a 10+ year old company focused on developing new, novel and unique ingredients. Kylin and NNB have developed a global network of scientists and researchers who have helped in the production of leading ingredients. He holds a Masters in Chemistry.