In response to the evolving demands of a new generation, TSI Group and enfinity energy are forging a strategic partnership to propel the branded ingredient enfinity® (paraxanthine) into the global market. TSI Group, as a result of this collaboration, now stands as the exclusive distributor of enfinity®, a groundbreaking caffeine metabolite designed to address common issues associated with traditional caffeine consumption.

While caffeine remains a staple for 90% of adults, a significant proportion views it as a necessary evil due to its undesirable side effects. Studies indicate that approximately 59% of consumers metabolize caffeine sub optimally, leading to more side effects than benefits.

President of TSI Group Larry Kolb envisions enfinity®’s potential beyond its core application in sports nutrition, foreseeing a significant impact in the functional beverage and energy space. He states, “It will be market-changing.”

Enfinity® offers a more consistent experience compared to traditional caffeine, resulting in fewer side effects, heightened enjoyability, improved mood, and enhanced focus. Shawn Wells, MPH, RD, LDN, CISSN, FISSN, Partner at enfinity energy, emphasizes the unique attributes of enfinity®, stating, “Today’s consumers seek functional, better-for-you products that provide focus, energy, and stress relief.”

Wells explains that enfinity®, which is the caffeine metabolite paraxanthine, caffeine’s efficacious compound, bypasses the side-effect-laden intermediaries and delivers sustained energy without jitters, anxiety, crashes, or sleep disturbances. Enfinity® is also less bitter than caffeine and more straightforward to formulate.

Enfinity® boasts 23 filed patents, four human clinical studies, and a robust body of preclinical work. Wells emphasizes that enfinity®’s safety, cleanliness, and consistency make it a game-changer for a broader audience, not just those who metabolize caffeine well.

Studies highlight various benefits, including enhanced energy, focus, wakeful clarity, improved mood, neuroprotective cognitive acceleration, better reaction time, reduced mental errors, increased caloric expenditure, and thermogenesis. Enfinity® provides a more predictable experience, eliminating caffeine’s genetic variability and reducing crashes and anxiety.

Kolb shares his personal endorsement, stating, “I take enfinity® daily, and its benefits are exceptional.”

Wells envisions limitless applications for enfinity®, ranging from gummies and ready-to-drink beverages to energy drinks, fat burners, nootropics, and pre-workout powders. The collaboration between TSI Group and enfinity energy is described as a natural fit, rooted in long-standing relationships, shared values, and a commitment to market-leading innovation.

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