An article in Nutraceuticals World explores the evolving landscape of energy products, highlighting a shift towards multi-functional formulations catering to diverse consumer needs.

While traditional staples like caffeine, B-vitamins, and amino acids remain popular, there’s a growing interest in alternative ingredients such as adaptogens, nootropics, and whole food sources of nutrients.

Larry Kolb, President of TSI Group, emphasizes this shift, stating, “With consumers seeking products that not only provide energy but also enhance performance and recovery, ingredients that can optimize muscular energy production are highly relevant.” He underscores the importance of meeting specific energy needs, such as those related to sports, pick-me-ups, or late-night study sessions.


Caffeine Evolved

The article highlights that consumers are trending towards prioritizing clean sources of energy and targeted benefits aligned with specific needs.

Introducing enfinity® (paraxanthine), an innovative caffeine metabolite, as a key ingredient in energy formulations. With the growth of interest in non-stimulant ingredients, enfinity® offers sustained energy without the crash often associated with caffeine.

Moreover, the article discusses opportunities for brands to target older consumers with products focused on sustained energy and cognitive function. Kolb suggests exploring gender-specific formulations and incorporating nootropics for mental clarity to address distinct health concerns. He concludes by highlighting enfinity® as a potential differentiator for brands entering the energy market.

In summary, the article underscores the evolving consumer preferences driving innovation in the energy product market, with a focus on personalized benefits, diverse formats, and the integration of science-backed ingredients like enfinity® to meet the demands of modern consumers.

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