For years, caffeine has dominated energy supplements, but its drawbacks like jitters and crashes are well-known. Enter enfinity® (paraxanthine), a caffeine metabolite that offers the same benefits without the downsides.

Focus Bites by Natural Stacks harness this innovation. Each chewable tablet contains:

  • 100mg enfinity® (paraxanthine)
  • 14mcg vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin)

This combination boosts productivity without the negative side effects of caffeine.

Focus Bites Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Energy:
    Paraxanthine increases cellular metabolism and dopamine levels, improving thermogenesis and reducing fatigue.
  • Better Tolerance:
    Suitable for slow caffeine metabolizers who often suffer from longer-lasting caffeine metabolites.
  • Improved Cognitive Function:
    Studies show paraxanthine improves reaction time, mental accuracy, and psychomotor skills more effectively than caffeine.
  • Promote brain and nervous system function:
    Methylcobalamin, a methylated form of Vitamin B12, plays a crucial role in brain and nervous system function. A deficiency in B12 can result in serious neurological and psychological issues.

Bite Sized Energy

Paraxanthine, distributed exclusively by TSI Group, is gaining popularity as a caffeine alternative. Focus Bites offer a convenient, effective, and tasty way to experience its benefits. Try Focus Bites today for a jitter-free energy boost!

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