Published study shows enfinity® paraxanthine outperforms caffeine in combating cognitive fatigue. New research also confirms this ingredient’s thermogenic and hunger-reducing effects.

When physical and mental exhaustion set in, many people turn to caffeine as a quick fix to
enhance alertness and complete multiple tasks more accurately. However, groundbreaking new
research dispels this common belief. A new study has shown that enfinity® paraxanthine, a pure
and patent-pending metabolite of caffeine, significantly enhances mental stamina with fewer
errors compared with caffeine. This demonstrates that enfinity® paraxanthine is a superior
option for managing mental performance under stress, enabling tired people to make fewer
mistakes and suggesting its suitability for anyone looking to maintain high cognitive function
during fatiguing conditions.

A second study, published within days of the first, confirmed enfinity®’s thermogenic and
hunger-reducing properties, making it well positioned as a safe weight management ingredient.

“We are in the midst of a revolution within the caffeine space,” comments TSI Group President
Larry Kolb. “As the exclusive global distributor for enfinity®, TSI is excited to provide
consumers with cleaner options that perform as well or better than what they may currently be

enfinity® is considered a cleaner, safer and more effective alternative to caffeine

“Roughly 70% of caffeine is metabolized as paraxanthine, which is caffeine’s most efficacious
compound. It goes straight to work, bypassing the side-effect ridden “middlemen” (theophylline,
theobromine and their metabolites), as well as the problematic caffeine itself,” explains enfinity
energy Partner Shawn Wells, MPH, RD, LDN, CISSN, FISSN. He adds that enfinity® is less
bitter than caffeine and easier to formulate with.

Cognition study reveals significant findings

For this double-blind, randomized, and crossover study published in the Journal of the
International Society of Sports Nutrition, researchers induced cognitive fatigue by enlisted
trained runners to perform a 10K run on a treadmill, which they completed within roughly 50
minutes. Researchers then tested the subjects’ accuracy when quickly switching between tasks.
“We wanted to evaluate the subjects’ cognitive performance, comparing enfinity®with caffeine,
and look at what happens if you combine enfinity with caffeine,” explains enfinity energy partner
and researcher Ralf Jäger, Ph.D. FISSN, CISSN, MBA.

The outcomes may surprise you. “Paraxanthine alone significantly improved cognitive
performance. In contrast, caffeine alone increased the amount of errors to a shocking extent. The
results for those who received a combination of paraxanthine and caffeine were only slightly
better than the caffeine group. They didn’t get the full benefits of paraxanthine.”

Jäger adds, “We get asked a lot about combining paraxanthine with caffeine. In highly stressful
or challenging cognitive situations, paraxanthine allows you to switch between tasks more
efficiently and faster without increasing the amount of errors, whereas caffeine did not show this
beneficial effect. If you’re looking for these specific benefits, use paraxanthine on its own.”

Second study confirms enfinity®’s thermogenic and hunger-reducing effects

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover published in the Journal of Dietary
Supplements, researchers investigated enfinity®’s thermogenic effects at 100, 200 and 300 mg.
Using the gold standard caffeine study model, their primary measurement was energy
expenditure, meaning the number of calories burned without additional activity.
“We saw a significant increase in resting energy expenditure with paraxanthine supplementation
at 200 mg, an additional 100 kilocalories in three hours. At 100 mg, there was a slight increase
but it wasn’t statistically significant. A 300 mg dose didn’t add additional benefit,” comments

He notes that subjects fasted before the test and fasted another three hours after supplementation.
“While it was natural for all participants to become progressively hungrier, with paraxanthine we
saw a reduction in increased hunger over time when compared with the control group.”

Wells comments on this study’s implications. “There are very few thermogenic ingredients.
That’s why the caffeine model is the gold standard. We are excited that enfinity paraxanthine
now joins caffeine, green tea extract, capsaicin and a few others that are moving the needle.”

Expert opinions highlight enfinity®’s broad impact

“enfinity® stands out not just for its effectiveness but for its safety and the absence of common
caffeine-induced side effects. It offers a smoother, cleaner stimulation, making it suitable for
anyone seeking sustained mental and physical performance,” says Wells.

He continues, “We know you’re going to be less frazzled and more cognitively flexible with
enfinity®. And now we know it’s thermogenic. What would you rather be using in your

As enfinity® continues to gain recognition, its roles in both cognitive enhancement and weight
management are being embraced by a wider audience, offering an alternative to traditional

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